Microsoft SQL Server 2016 delivers built in business intelligence capabilities so you can rely on a proven enterprise ready and scalable platform to help deliver business insights to more people across your organization, using the familiar environment of Visual Studio 2015.

You can get started quickly creating business insights on a platform that is designed to work with the data systems and tools you already have. Combined and transform complex data from multiple sources into powerful data models that your business users can easily understand. With a modern reporting platform you can create precisely formatted reports built from a single version of the truth.

Create engaging mobile reports and KPIs that adjust to different form factors such as tablets and mobile phones, using an interactive design experience. Empower more business users with the right insights from virtually anywhere easily access and analyze secure data models at the speed of thought using the data visualization tool of your choice. Provide access to reports and key performance indicators from a single modern web portal, so business users know where to go for the latest insights.

With only a few clicks access reports further analyze an Excel or even export to Powerpoint and with mobile reports your business users can stay up to date on the latest insights whenever they need. Set your own terms for cloud adoption with a hybrid approach benefit from your existing on-premises data and the flexibility and innovation of the cloud without the need to move any data.

By providing access to the right information at the right time you can empower more business users to make timely data-driven decisions, driving innovation and business. Harness the power of your data with the proven scalable and enterprise ready Business Intelligence Platform build into SQL Server 2016.

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