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Are you looking for contract support, for your Windows server and workstations?

We’d love to give you a free network evaluation. We will come out to your business location and check over everything connected to your network including your server. This evaluation will take up to two hours and is absolutely free of charge.

Please contact us using the request form to the right and we will contact you within twenty-four hours.

Benefit Description and Information

All Labor Is Included - Zero Per Hour Charge For Servers and Workstations

Never pay For labor on a per hour bases: 

Every hour you pay for tech support labor on a per-hour basis costs your company unnecessary money. When you have a support contract with us, you will never pay for hourly and costly per hour tech support labor again, as every cost related with labor will be included in your monthly contract.

This contract will change how you feel about your network support, because you will no longer have worry about how long a repair takes. Under our contract, all labor is covered 100% on all servers and workstations.

Windows Server Support - (Included)

Complete and ongoing Windows Server Support:

Every Windows Server needs continual support twenty for seven. Error messages, backups, updates and other issues need an expert’s touch.

Don’t let your server go down and cause your company to lose valuable time and money.

Our team of techs will review and follow up automated support tickets generated by our monitoring software. Your server up time is our number one priority.

Windows Workstation Support (Included)

Fast Windows workstations are mandatory tools:

Let’s face it, computers do and will always have problems. This will never change. But what can change is how your end users can get support. All they need to do is pick up the phone and call. We will remote into their computer on the spot, all they have to do is ask. Virus issues, malware, e-mail problems, printer issues and software can and will drive people crazy. Ever have someone in your company who needs to work from home and needs help?

There are so many little things to manage sometimes the problems just seem to never go away. We provide support to not only maintain your Windows workstations, but to really help the people using those computers.

Of course all labor included in your monthly contract.

Email Support (Included)

If your company e-mail is down, you have real problems!

Email is so essential to the day to day operations of a company, its almost impossible for most companies to function without it. How do you fix e-mail problems fast? Don’t ever let the e-mail server go down.

The fact is most e-mail server issues are due to neglect. So maintaining  your Windows Exchange server or making sure updates are done to your e-mail POP server is critical. This is part of our server support, keeping your e-mail running every day.

Printer Setup and Network Configuration (Included)

New printers and old printers, how do you connect?

It seems like a small issue. Just connect your workstation to the printer. Maybe not that easy, because every workstation needs the right drivers for that printer and matching the workstation operating system. Every version of Windows can have a separate driver for the printer. Who helps in your company to resolve these problems with printer connectivity?

We include this support with our workstation support on a monthly bases.

Firewall Setup and Monitoring (Included)

Is your firewall keeping your company data safe?

How your network is setup is a critical factor in keeping spam, malware, hackers and viruses off your network and workstations. Setup of your company firewall should be reviewed every year by an expert, because if not, your firewall could stop protecting you from the latest internet threats. See a firewall for the most part is just a computer and it needs to be updated. Who looks after your firewall and network security.

We include this as part of our server support.

Network Infrastructure Support and Monitoring (Included)

Network speed is a factor as to how you get your work done.

In most networks the company server is the network cop. One of its jobs is to tell every device on the network to reside in a specific location (IP address) so network communication can work without errors. In some networks it’s managed by the firewall. In every case the network infrastructure is a hidden component to most computer users, but is a really important factor as to how the network does its job. We use our monitoring software to check these issues on a regular interval.

We include this network support with our server monthly contract.

End User Cell Phone Email Support (Included)

Smart phones, tablets and cell phones.

If you have ever tried to get help from your cell phone company, you will find for the most part they will not help you tie in your mobile devices to your company network. We will support this with our workstation support. It’s a small issue for us, but a big issue for your company.

We are more than happy to help your computer users connect their mobile devices so they can be productive every day.

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