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Building Trust With Every Client

Remember when a promise of great service
wasn’t just a phrase used in advertising?
At one time a guarantee meant something.

That’s why our guarantee is uptime! Server and workstation downtime happens, just part of owning computers for your business. Like a vehicle computers and servers need to be serviced. What makes them different from a car is the weekly attention a server, workstation and a network need to run like clockwork.

Windows server and PC support is what we offer to our clients. Microsoft of course releases new updates to its server and workstation software about every month, so it’s important to keep your server and workstations up to date with the latest software and technology.

We have collaborated with many companies to provide our clients with the best 24/7 monitoring services. Our software network agents run on your servers and workstations 24 hours a day. We watch everything from server up time to backups. Our live dashboard gives us the ability to log into any server or workstations and fix most issues fast. If we need to setup a site visit, it will happen that day or within 12 hours no questions asked. Our goal with our monthly monitoring service is to keep your company up and running.

Monthly Support Benefits With All Labor Included