Rob Jones – Computer Consultant

I’ve worked with owners of small to medium sized businesses for over 17 years, helping them reduce costs and increase sales. A healthy server with fast and reliable workstations can be a real asset to any company.

Are you looking for IT support for your company?
Support that is better than what you have now?

I started out supporting, and continue to support, business networks running Windows Server, Windows Workstation, and other business-related software. I also support QuickBooks and Microsoft Office. I sell new servers, desktops and laptops running the latest Microsoft software.

I have expanded my service offerings to include WordPress web development, Google search engine marketing, Facebook campaigns, mobile marketing, and promotion.

Contract support is the main focus of my business. When I can sit down with a business and show them the cost savings of a monthly contract, as compared to a per hour rate, they are amazed. I love working with small to medium- sized companies and meeting really passionate people who love their work.

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Rob Jones
Accurate Computer & Network Technologies, Inc.


  • Microsoft Server
  • Microsoft Desktop Software
  • Microsoft Office
  • WordPress Web Developer
  • Facebook Business Web Site
  • Mobile Web Site
  • Fireworks Graphics
  • QuickBooks