Helping Business Succeed One Server and One Network at a Time

What if you could find a person to help your business maintain your Windows Server, Windows Workstations and all other IT needs?

Now what if this person was full time? The expense would be pretty great. Any single person with knowledge of all those areas would be and can be at about $80,000 to $150,000 a year. Now what if instead of a full time person you think about outsourcing all your needs to one company that can wrap up all your needs in to one affordable monthly price? Or pay as you go for any needed server, network or computer repair.

That’s what we do. We help small to medium sized business find an affordable price point to manage all or any of the above services without a long term contract.

Imagine knowing most all of the computer support services your company needs on a daily bases is available and monitored twenty four seven.  We can start by evaluating your server and network FREE of charge just to find out where the technical problems are hiding. Then we can sit down with you and recommend the best way to fix the issues and keep everything running fast.  How great is that? Server and network problems gone, productivity increases.

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We use technology like Microsoft Hyper-V and Exchange. Every server is watched by our support staff. If we see a problem, we fix it first and ask questions later.

See we know you depend on your server and network to work seven days a week, we provide that. We also have great ideas on how to save you money on your workstations and laptops.

Give Your Business a Way to Thrive, Consolidate Services and Go Back to Making Money Doing What You Do Best!

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